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Batoh na lyžiarsku obuv Energiapura Racer Bag Fashion Tiger - 2024/25
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Batoh na lyžiarsku obuv Energiapura Racer Bag Fashion Tiger - 2024/25

  • Racer bag for the ski boots.
  • Color: tiger.
130,00 €
hrubý / ks
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    Bag studied for the athletes, with two comfortable pockets outside and two inside waterproof pockets on the bottom to put the boots separately from the other material. The main pocket is provided with a separator to put brakable obcjects and one zip pocket for important objects. The bag’s bottom is in a waterproof and resistant fabric with some outside rubber parts to protect it.










    About Energiapura brand



    ENERGIAPURA is a Confsport brand, founded in 1990 in the famous Italian textile district which has always characterized the high quality of TRUE MADE IN ITALY. ENERGIAPURA's specialization for the entire RACING sector has made it possible to create and control the production chain of its garments in the various phases from fabric weaving, to customized prints, to packaging and to checks and control tests.

    "ENERGIAPURA" is what we are and we were already in the 90s, convinced that we have embarked on a path, today more relevant and necessary than ever.

    The Energiapura brand is trusted by the best Alpine World Cup athletes, including Marco Schwarz and Manuel Feller. The stars such as Henrik Kristoffersen, Lucas Braathen, and Alice Robinson even have their own gear and wear collections. The Croatian national team, which includes, among the others, Filip Zubcic, chose Energiapura as the supplier of jackets, pants, race suits and other clothing.




    Energiapura has become a leading brand in the production of technical racing wear and protections for alpine skiing.

    Always looking for new technical materials, development of increasingly advanced models and collaboration with the best athletes and the best teams in the world, but above all the attention, towards the whole production process which must reflect our quality and our commitment




    GREENERGY: ENERGIAPURA's path towards zeroing waste and carbon emissions, to protect the future of sport, and more... We serve athletes around the world and for this very reason we are on a mission to protect the health of the planet.

    For us, there is no finish line. To face today's challenges, from climate change to inequalities, to how to unleash the potential of the new generations, from the enhancement of resources to improvement, in search of quality.




    Our tangible responsibility towards the environment by creating products derived from recycling and recyclable: fabrics, labels, zippers, padding, each component is involved in this process of revitalization of matter.

    Thus a continuous and virtuous path is created which eliminates waste and activates an authentic cycle of sustainability.









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